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Bill Swick, Director of the award-winning

Las Vegas Academy Guitar Program

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Bill Swick has dedicated his life to guitar education.  In addition to his position as Music Department Chair of the nationally renowned Las Vegas Academy of the Arts in Las Vegas, NV, he is the principal guitar instructor for the Academy’s award winning guitar program.  (visit www.classroomguitar.com)  Swick is also chair for the Clark County School District Guitar Task Force overseeing the guitar curriculum for the 5th largest school district with over 60 guitar teachers and approximately 5,700 guitar students.

Since becoming a public school classroom guitar instructor, Swick has worked diligently towards filling the gap for much needed guitar ensemble music for middle and high school.  His work has lead to a compilation of numerous compositions, arrangements and methods intended to teach an array of styles including classical, jazz, single-string and improvisation. 

As a way to keep his music affordable and readily accessible, Swick has converted much of his educational materials to an electronic publishing and distribution format.   His most popular works can be obtained at BillSwick.com.  Purchasing music from this site includes the rights to photocopy the materials as needed for educational use of the purchasing party.   Never more than $1 a page, BillSwick.com is an affordable solution for both the classroom and private guitar instructor.

Swick offers a variety of guitar ensemble music from easy guitar trios and easy guitar quartets intended for first year, second-semester students to intermediate and advanced guitar quartets for high school and early college.  Read what others have to say about these materials.

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